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Automatic UBL import now possible from the customer panel

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Automatic UBL import now possible from the customer panel

MijnHostingPartner.nl has been working with its own customer panel for a long time, we have been using it since 2021 and our customers are happy with it and so are we. One of the big advantages is that we can now actually add improvements and features of things we and you think are important. Like easily importing UBL invoices to automate this in most accounting programs. Let us explain how this works in the client panel and how you can use it!

UBL stands for Universal Business Language and is the standard format for automating invoices and their processing. MijnHostingPartner.nl has added it to the invoice options, so you can download and import these files instantly. These files are formatted with XML and can therefore be read by virtually any accounting system.

With this relatively small change it is possible to save a lot of time when processing our invoices. Of course, great for our resellers and business clients who deal with this often.

To set this up, you can enable it in the customer panel in the following way. Go to My Details in the dashboard. And then to the following setting:

Automatic UBL import now possible from the customer panel

The UBL file will then be automatically included in the email and can then be imported into the accounting software you are using.

UBL file, all information available without having to enter it manually

A UBL file allows an invoice to be easily imported into your accounting system, with the XML file it can be uploaded without further checking. All the information normally found in the PDF file is also present in the UBL file, making it a copy that can be imported instantly. Documents can be imported and all invoice information is transferred. Manual entry is therefore no longer necessary. A waste of time and of course outdated!

That's why MijnHostingPartner.nl is happy to make it as easy as possible for our business and private customers. As a reseller you can also easily import the invoices into your accounting software to process them and send them directly to your customers. So with invoices delivered in UBL format, it's easy to do the accounting for your customers too!

Customer panel, further developments

Thanks to the new customer panel, we've already made some great improvements, the speed of the customer panel has improved significantly. And a lot of things can now be controlled through the customer panel instead of the control panel. Also to make it easier for beginners, and to be able to do many things with one mouse click. Instead of scrolling through many menus in the control panel.

It is now also possible to create MariaDB databases on the SSD hosting packages. This means that the latest technology can be used to make your website a success.

We are not done with improvements to the customer panel, every week work is done based on feedback from customers and resellers. And we try to process every request that comes up. So that our customer panel will be a complete package, as you expect it to be! Stay tuned for our blog posts and announcements. We also share these developments on social media, so make sure you sign up for that and receive notifications! That way, you'll never miss out on the latest news.