Using LinkedIn to promote your website

Using LinkedIn to promote your website

LinkedIn is seen as the place for scoring a new job and maintaining contacts with your business network. However, it can also be used as a way to arrange things for your website and as a marketing channel to promote your website and work. In this blog post we will explain a bit more how this works and how you can benefit from it.

With social media it is a matter of posting often and posting interesting content. The same goes for LinkedIn. LinkedIn however is also a matter of finding the right target group. A hobby website about books will probably be less interesting than a website about internet marketing or content editors. So finding the right target group is important for every website and social media channel. Let's find out a few things for seeing results in the LinkedIn result.

Creating Posts and Using Hashtags

Interesting posts in a longer format and with media like a graphic or a catchy photo perform best on a channel like LinkedIn. It's not the short format with a few characters that generally score best here. People on LinkedIn expect an opinion or a view presented in a substantiated way. Users can then react to this and a discussion can be started. With a relatively simple question you can already use this to your advantage.

With a well-founded post and the use of the right hashtags, you can expect the most interaction from a post on a social network like LinkedIn. So in that post you need to think and write more than for example in a Twitter post or Instagram post. And invite discussion. What is your opinion about ...? How do you experience this ...? Etc. Substantiate this with your point of view. To then also give the right hashtags for what is needed. To use the existing networks to spread this opinion.

Making contacts and profiting from them

Making contacts in your world of website and business is also an important part of getting success from LinkedIn. With connections you can make sure that the right people see your work and actually benefit from it. It also often helps to approach people and companies who can help you further. It often helps to build personal relationships between companies and websites that can often look quite anonymous. Make contacts to exchange backlinks to your hosting, guest posts and other things that can benefit both parties.

In this way you also establish contacts that are worth maintaining, and you may also be able to use them more often in the future. One-sided actions where you can benefit from are almost non-existent. Or you want to pay for this. Of course, there is no such thing as a free lunch.

Try to respond under other companies and persons that make posts, and do this more extensively than just "I agree!", or "What a great post!". But also try to take the discussion a bit further by for example further substantiating an argument against or for. With a single post you can already put yourself on the map and make contacts with the people who are important to your target group.

Promoting on LinkedIn with Advertisements

The last option to use on LinkedIn is advertising, posts and ads can be used in the same way on networks like Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. However, here again you will need to keep a longer form factor and not only focus on the visual. With the right ad for the right target group, on LinkedIn for example, you can ideally create an ad for your software that will ensure that an existing problem is solved in that branch. And here website administrators, accountants and many other target groups may find it very interesting.

Costs of course vary per target group and will have to be experienced with use. However, with these ads you can expect more in certain target groups than in other social networks. In the end it all comes down to looking for the target group of your niche or branch. And be able to take advantage of this. Experiment with different types of ads and posts, and focus on other networks when this leads to more conversion. Which social media channel are you most successful with for your website? Let us know!